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Architecture in scifi

An idea I came up with for the cities of Traipah would be interesting for buildings here on Earth. You know the staircases in like, skyscrapers, where you go down a short way, turn twice to get to the next staircase, rinse repeat? Well what I came up with is those staircases being stairs on one half and a slide on the other half (the stairs and slide separated by a divider). Thus, if you're in enough of a hurry - say an emergency or you're just late, then you can slide down in short bursts. The slide part is also elevated at the bottom to make getting off easier, and there's a soft thing to catch you and stop you suddenly. So you slide down a little ways, stand up, walk to the next slide, rinse repeat. Could help get people out of a building faster during a fire or other emergency.

I'm still trying to work out something to help physically disabled people in their cities. One problem is that the people of Traipah tend to build downward when they can. IE, underground. Now there are some cities built into mountains that can build down and still have emergency exits. But that doesn't help the other underground cities. I mean... there could be like, some emergency mechanical (non electric) lift, I guess. But that's not enough, IMO.

The simplest solution would be that, since Traipahni cities also have surface buildings as well as underground stuff, they could just live on the surface, which wouldn't be so bad in a lot of their cities (when they run out of Down to build in, they build Up), but they'd still want to go down into the city proper.

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