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As much as Hillary Clinton may have been right about some Trump supporters being deplorables, most of them are actually just ignorant and desperate people in rural areas, and her comment isn't going to win her any new voters from that side, it's just going to prove Trump's points about her to them. That was really either profoundly stupid or profoundly arrogant for her to say. Either she's got no clue that she has to try to win over the people being taken in by Trump's bullshit, or she's so cocksure of winning that she doesn't give a fuck. I tend to think the latter, as she's shown many times that - as a multi millionaire - she doesn't really give a fuck about anyone but her super wealthy financial backers. All the more proof that Bernie should have gotten the nomination.

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Oct. 16th, 2016 02:58 pm (UTC)
Not only that…
It's likely Hillary cheated at the debate:

Jus' sayin'.
Jun. 6th, 2017 03:29 pm (UTC)
It’s a mess how Illinois has actually been without a budget for so long. Should this keep up, I wonder if the supportive living program will be eliminated. I mean, supportive living means so much to me. Unconditionally loved is how I feel here at Deer Path by my wonderful boyfriend, Sean “Mixingk” Keffer, and this is where I’ve discovered where I truly do belong.
This is the first real place I felt that way. The last couple of facilities were much worse than seeing how nice I have it now. You didn’t really have much of a choice of options for lunch and dinner at MBH, along with not being treated like a person by the director. Plus, the activities seemed to be the same weekly. The only thing worth it was participating in Special Olympics.
In Champaign, special Olympics wasn’t offered. I felt like I wasn’t getting help with shopping, and the good variety of food I discovered in the beginning seemed to immediately dissolve, along with issues of mold and food poisoning cases cropping up.
I wouldn’t trade in where I am now to go back to those places. Ultimately, I want to remain where I feel like I should’ve been in the first place—years ago.
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