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No good options

So [personal profile] kengr referred me to this post, in which the person posting says that Hillary will be a good pick because, essentially, she's skilled at politics, skilled at lying, cheating, manipulating, and stealing her way through the political system. This Gridlore fellow seems to think that this is exactly who we need facing the Republicans. (And I might agree, if she were a good and moral person otherwise, but she's a racist, a homophobe pretending to be an ally, and her policies make her basically a pre-Reagan Republican.)

Anyway, here's what I replied to his post with:

Me: You haven't seen House of Cards, have you?

Him: It's on the list, but I'm familiar with it.

Me: Well the main character in both UK and US versions of House of Cards sounds exactly like you described Hillary, and both of them were pretty disastrous for their countries.

My point is, we have no good options. We have Trump on one side, who hasn't the skills to run so much as a lemonade stand, has no morals, is a racist, is a homophobe, and doesn't take the advice of people who know better than him.

And on the other hand we have Hillary, who is more skilled at running things, and is more stable emotionally and politically than Trump, and appears to listen at least somewhat to people who know better than her, but who also has no morals, is also a racist, and is also a homophobe. The fact that she's a homophobe (given her record, the things she's said in the past, even as recently as a year ago) who is willing to pretend to be an ally to get votes is not an encouraging sign to me.

So basically, my point is that we're fucked regardless of who we elect.

I do think Hillary may be better than Trump, since the last time we had an entertainer in the President's seat, Reagan, he was the worst President we've ever had, slashing necessary social reforms, paving the way for the anti-abortionists to get power, and caused the deaths of millions by laughing about the AIDS epidemic.

But I think Hillary will be to the US as Margaret Thatcher was to the UK.

I don't know who I'm going to vote for. When Bernie was running, I knew. If Bernie or Elizabeth Warren had been VP for Hillary, I would be sure I was voting for her, because then she'd have somebody sane, somebody with a good, strong, consistent record to keep her more nutty ideas in check. But instead she went with the governor of Virginia, a man I know nothing about.

Alex seems to be convinced that the mere fact he's governor of a Southern state is enough to call him a horrible pick for VP. I'm more open minded, but I have to say I'm not at all sure who to vote for, because both options seem equally horrible, for different reasons.

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