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Halifax Witch Says She's Not Safe Anymore

(Bold emphasis mine.)

In Halifax, Nova Scotia, Shauna Cook says she and her friends are being physically attacked for their religious beliefs. Cook is a hedgewitch, and makes no secret of it. On September 1st, a pair of teenagers leaving Cook's house were attacked by a group of attackers. One of the victims, an 18-year-old woman, ran back to Cook's house to call for help, and was struck in the head with a rock. The 17-year-old boy who was with her was even less fortunate, and was beaten and stabbed in the back, before he finally escaped back to the house.

This comes on the heels of an August attack on Cook herself and her family, in which she and her children were surrounded by assailants with bats. Cook says her neighbors don't understand her religion, and call her a "white supremacist," which she firmly denies. The alleged attackers are all black.

Cook told a reporter, "I stand out like a sore thumb." She added that her black clothing and her grammatically correct English make her different from her neighbors. Cook and her children have packed up to live with her mother in another town, hoping they'll be safer there.

Unfortunately, none of the news articles I've read on this case have really gone into any detail as to whether or not this case was indeed religiously motivated, so until police release more information we'll have to wonder how witch-friendly Halifax is. There don't appear to be any interviews with neighbors or co-workers, nor is there any comment from the two victims of the Sept. 1 attack. Regardless of what the motivation was in this, no family should have to live in fear of their own neighbors. I hope Ms. Cook and her children are able to find the safe haven they deserve.

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People are stupid. You know, maybe Alex is right... maybe stupid people like those attackers SHOULD be "put down." Because even if she *were* a white supremacist, that's no excuse for them being attacked. I may not agree with racists, but attacking anyone for their beliefs - no matter what those beliefs are - is wrong.
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