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Voted today and had TB test

We all voted absentee today. I voted for Kerry, of course.

One of the local people, a Republican, was running unopposed, so I put in a write-in for Ficus. :-) But on a more serious note, I voted the Libertarian candidate for the Senate.
One thing that disappointed me was I wish I'd thought to look at the sample ballot yesterday, so I could do research on those Supreme Court justices that you could either vote for or against. Because I didn't know which ones were the Republicans and which were Democrats. Now I know the Supreme Court is supposed to be free from party influence, but it is not. I wanted to unseat the evil ones, but didn't know which ones those were. :-(

Had to have a TB test administered, for my new job. I hate needles, the way they feel in the skin. I'd rather be cut by a knife than stabbed with a needle. Plus I have this fear that they'll get broken off in my skin and cause damage. It didn't take as long as usual for me, though. Last time I had a shot, it took me over an hour to calm down enough to get it. This time I put myself into a trance and so the whole process only took maybe 5-8 minutes. It always hurts, no matter what they say, but it didn't hurt as bad as I thought it would.

Chaotic Blessings;
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