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I just watched the movie "Primer," in which some guys working in their garage accidentally invent a time machine that can only go back a few days at most (I think), and after experimenting with it cautiously, they start using it to try to make money.

It's a great movie, though it starts out a little slow. Then after a while it starts getting confusing. I think the confusion was intentional, given what the protags are going through, because the audience's confusion appears to mirror the protags' growing confusion as they lose track of their travels through time.

There are some questions I'm left with that might require me to watch it again, though I'm unsure how much more sense it will make if the confusion is indeed intentional (dunno if it is or not). Some questions I have:


1. What was with his ear bleeding? Did they ever solve that? I don't think they said, if they did.

2. Why did their handwriting get worse the more they used the boxes?

3. What happened to Mr. Granger? What was that all about?

4. What was that thing with the guy with the gun? Why did they keep going back to that? What were they trying to accomplish, exactly? Did they stop and give up? Honestly, the whole narrative breaks down at that point and the only thing that makes any sense after is that one of the guys goes to Russia and is apparently building a time machine box the size of an entire warehouse.

5. Did the Keanu-Reeves-looking-guy poison his buddy? Or was it the other way around? I couldn't figure that out. And I don't know why he did it. To be honest, there's a lot of questions I have about that whole part of the movie, so I'll just move on.

6. Why didn't they appear to age, if they have to spend as much time in the box as it takes to flow back in time to the right point?1 Is the handwriting thing related to the amount of time they spend in the boxes, and thus they are aging on the inside if not on the outside?

7. One dude said that when a cell phone is in the same time as its double, the call goes to whichever phone the system finds first. Is this correct?

1 = Going back in time 5 hours means staying in the box for 5 hours.

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