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Written on the twentieth

Wrote this on the twentieth, then forgot about it:

I have a lot of very weird, hard to describe dreams when I don't get enough sleep, which often happens the night before reading to the kiddos at the elementary school SMART program, because then I have to wake up at noon, which is about three or four or more hours too early for me.

I don't remember any from the first sleep, but I took a nap after getting back, only for about an hour or so, and the dream I had took place somewhere that people can move from world to world. First place we went from the "normal" dream world was an odd version of the Addams Family Tv series world. We even changed from color to black and white. The aesthetic is hard to describe. The actors were the same, but the era was the Thirties or Forties, maybe even the Twenties, and was lighter and brighter and less gothic than usual. Also, their house looked more like the Buckingham Palace, but smaller and with a circular driveway.

Then behind their house was a doorway to another world, a color world. This one was amazing! It was very dark, as it was raining hard. The clouds were an indigo almost black, but on the violet side for sure. There were two stars in the sky, setting, and they were both dim and purple. I think the lightning was purple, too. It was gorgeous, and I just stood there taking in the sights. There were other places to go, but those were the only two I had time to peruse before waking up again.

Best thing about it was that when I woke up, the horrible sunlight I had endured earlier in the day was gone, replaced by lovely dark clouds, cool with the possibility of rain.

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