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I like doing rituals with other people, but this SisterSpirit group has twice now done something that concerns me. Specifically, not doing their research. First it was a ritual where they were going to invoke a Celtic Goddess that doesn't like being summoned for frivolous reasons, for a frivolous reason, without knowing jack squat about Her.

And now in an email they've called Diana “the Goddess of the Faeries,” but 5 minutes on Google proves that wrong; Diana has fuckall to do with the faeries. The Goddess of the Faeries, at least from what I found, is Danu.

I don't know if I want to continue with this group, if they're going to continue to be careless idiots. They’re gonna get godsmacked if they don’t use more caution.

I wish I knew why so many Wiccans tend to be, in my experience, so disrespectful of the Deities. Oh wait, I know: it's that whole "All goddesses are The Goddess, all gods are The God" bullshit, whereas I know that all Deities are their own person, with their own personalities, likes, dislikes, etc.

Contrast that to the other group, the School of Witchcraft, where they direct us to invoke our own Goddesses instead of half-assedly picking one at random to invoke. So far, my only complaint about School of Witchcraft is that in the last ritual, the leader - a white woman - ended the ritual with what sounded like a black spiritual song, which made me uncomfortable because it felt like appropriation to me. To help myself clear away the energy of my feelings about that, I got the “last word” by telling the Discordian version of the Footprints story, to banish those feelings with laughter.

*Sigh* Wiccans.

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