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A filk I did

You Are My Moon Glow
(To the tune of “You are My Sunshine”)

The other day, dear, as I was sleeping,
I dreamt I held you in my arms;
But when I arose, dear, I was mistaken,
And I howled my pain into the night.

You are my moon glow,
My only moon glow,
You make me happy ‘til comes the day,
You’ll never know, dear, how much I love you,
Please don’t take my moon glow away.

Out of my crypt, dear, I went a walking,
And fought the creatures of the night;
Werewolves and slayers, I beat them all,
Just to find you, my eternal bride.

All over Earth’s lands, I went a searching,
And I rarely stopped to feast;
Because without you, I have no soul,
I’m just a blood-thirsty beast.


For a thousand years, dear, I tried to find you,
Because I was trapped within your spell;
But I didn’t find you on the surface,
So I went to the gates of Hell.

I battled demons and other horrors,
And burned with painful fire;
But I swore to Lilith that I would find you,
Even if I burned on my pyre.


All through the burning land of misery,
In the lakes of sulfurous flame;
Shallow graves and deepest hell pits,
All to find you and see you again.

Then I gave up in painful sorrow,
And upon the surface wept;
That I had lost my eternal lover,
So I went to my coffin and slept.


Holding the stake up to my pained heart,
Hoping the end would end my pain;
But then I looked up, and saw you smiling,
In the moonlight I saw you again.

You held your arms out, to embrace me,
As I flew into the sky;
You were in heaven, and I could join you,
Even Vampyres get rewarded when they die.

(Chorus, one last time)


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