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Is there such thing as a cold sore that only affects the gums and leaves no mark on the outside of the body? Because every so often, I have several days in a row where eating becomes painful for my lower gums, on the side next to the lips. It comes mysteriously, and disappears just as mysteriously after a few days, and it can be as much as three or four months or more between flare-ups.

The worst part of it is eating dry things that lodge themselves down there and sting like a motherfucker. Trying to get them out with my tongue just makes it hurt worse. Getting it out with water hurts, too. So I have to try to avoid dry foods when whatever this is flares up. And also I have to shove food back to the molars and against the back of the mouth so pieces don't get up in the front of the lower jaw.

Oh yeah, and sometimes the inside of the bottom lip hurts as well. Not as much as the gums, though.

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