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The hurricane peters out.

Our upstairs neighbor, the one who was probably on meth as he never seemed to sleep and had a ridiculous amount of energy for someone in his 60's, the one who has made our time in this apartment a living Hell with his nearly constant noise, the one who beat female neighbors of his and made us all feel unsafe (yet, for some reason, was never evicted), was found dead in his apartment today. He refused medical help for something a few days ago (refused to leave his apartment even after the firemen broke his door down), and now he's dead.

I can't honestly say I'm very sad about this, because the man was clearly very disturbed. He would yell and scream at the voices in his head, or vaccuum his apartment at all hours to drown them out, and for that he had my sympathy, but he really should have been in a permanent care facility and not here in an apartment on his own, especially given his violence towards women.

I am relieved, to be honest, not just to be rid of the noise and violence, but for his sake as well. I don't know what was wrong with him, but he was very disturbed. I'm relieved that he's now at peace. I didn't really want him to die, just move out, but I'm not exactly shedding any tears for this outcome.

I may be doing a ritual for him, help his soul cross over if it needs any help. Not out of any positive feelings for the man, because I had and and continue to have none, but mainly because the last thing we need is for his ghost to hang around haunting his apartment.

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