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Months back, I got irritated with Dad for deadnaming me, so I explained it to him. He wrote back saying he couldn’t think of me by another name, and I got more irritated, so I went off on him a little, as politely as I could manage, but still firm. He finally wrote back, not acknowledging our previous disagreement. However, he didn’t deadname me. Though his solution towards this was to not call me by *any* name at all. (Sigh) Oh well, progress is progress. :-)

By the way, though I’ve had the papers for changing my name legally for some time, I’ve been dragging my feet on that. But I recently had a thought that might make me stop that and go through with that. I am known by everyone these days as Fay, short for Fayanora (my Traipahni name), but the name I’d been wanting to change to was Tempest Alexandria Arts, so I’d have the same initials as my deadname. But that didn’t feel right. So now I’m thinking I want to change it to Tempest Alexandria Fayanora Arts.

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