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Solved the Matrix problem.

So there's long been people pointing out that the Machines in The Matrix using humans as batteries would be terribly inefficient, losing power rather than gaining it. Well, I may have a solution: maybe that's only what the humans freed from the Matrix thought they were being used for. According to a panel at OryCon, power satellites in space would be terribly inefficient in beaming power down to earth, or else dangerously good at it, so his suggestion was to make server satellites instead; a whole slew of tiny, paper thin satellites equipped with a recently created computer chip that is very resistant to radiation. This Server Sky, as he called it, would turn the power of the sun in space into a space based server that could connect people anywhere in the world to the Internet without cables that can be cut.

Then, in Echopraxia by Peter Watts, there's this thing called "Heaven," which is a thing where people who are suffering from Present Shock can go to live in a fantasy world they create. It's free because at the same time, their brains are being used as living computers, living servers, to process their version of the Internet through their subconscious mind.

Well, that got me thinking, what if the Machines were using humans in the same way, as living servers to subconsciously process data for them? It would be a lot more efficient than using them as batteries.

Just a thought, though. I still personally prefer my previous fan theory that the Matrix is like a nursing home the Machines keep their doddering old parent species in out odd compassion, and that it's nested, and nobody in that world had ever really been outside of the matrix, they just think they have because they saw through the first layer. But the two theories are not mutually exclusive.

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