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Nov. 26th, 2015 06:54 am (UTC)
Sun, 22:00: White pride is pro-oppression, and therefore pro-racism. Black, Asian, Latinx, Indian, etc pride are... https://t.co/oKxV6RTWsV

One detail....

The civil rights movement goes back well over a century, maybe two or more.

The "decades" is since it got big enough/loud enough to start getting laws passed and a "working majority" on their side.

Nov. 26th, 2015 04:30 pm (UTC)
Mon, 06:00: niqabisinparis: howtogrowthefuckup: catastrofries: spookytiffany: novangla: ktupsidedown: darkersolstice:... https://t.co/pHuu59dExT

Then there are people like me.

I took a no credit course in computer programming (FORTRAN) at a local university) back in 1971. I was also taking a course in Logic at my high school. That led me to a book on Boolean Algebra that also had chapters on how some of the oldest logic circuits in computers did boolean operations.

Took 3 terms of computer programming/operations at PCC in 1974. Mainframe stuff mostly. But I learned Assembler, got better at FORTRAN and learned BASIC (the last two weren't in the courses, but I got access to the computers and did it on my own).

Didn't have access to computers again until 1978 or 79 when a housemate got a TRS-80 model I. I wound up being the one who figured out what was wrong on the programs the others entered from magazines. Usually it was something simple like typing O instead of 0.

But I also troubleshot stuff they wrote on their own.

I got my first computer in Dec of 1980. TRS-80 Model III. I got that one because it was (mostly) compatible with the roomie's Model I, but better.

Got onto the local BBSes in 1March of 1981.

From there things just sort of grew. It *was* possible for my generation to get the sort of skills talked about, it just wasn't common.

I also have a "talent" with manuals. I can read thru them, and then know within a few pages where to open them to the relevant section when there's a question.

Alas, by the 90s, they quit having manuals for the most part and just had "help files" which you can't really *read*. They are useless as a "tutorial"/"textbook". Of course, they are easier to write (which is why they switched to them).

So I'm no longer the "super guru" I used top be. But I've got four *decades* of dealing with this sort of thing.

I've got computers older than you. Ditto for programs :-)
Nov. 26th, 2015 09:46 pm (UTC)
"And we walked twenty miles to the schoolhouse
Barefoot, uphill both ways,
Through blizzards in summer and winter
Back in the good old days.
Back when Fortran was not even Three-tran
And the PC was only a toy
And we did our computing by gaslight
When I was a boy." http://www.stevemacdonald.org/lyrics/wiwab.html
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