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New mouse

OMG y'all, I bought this new mouse recently, so I could use my old mouse with the new Lenovo netbook, and this mouse, gods, this mouse, fucking hell this mouse is fucking awesome! It has a forward button and a back button, like my old one does, but it also has the coolest fucking scroll wheel: it not only scrolls up and down, but SIDE TO SIDE as well! And there's a button to toggle between two scroll modes. In one mode, you spin the scroll wheel and it just keeps going until entropy stops it, and in the other mode it goes a little ways and then stops. Like, holy SHIT!

My only issue with it is, the laser is fucking invisible, so there's no way to tell if it's working except to move the mouse and see the cursor move. And since every time I plug it in it takes almost a whole minute to respond, when I first used it I thought it was broken. Oh yeah, and in the free-rolling mode, lifting the mouse and, like, turning it (especially upside down) makes the scroll wheel move.

But aside from that, fucking AWESOME mouse. It’s a Logitech corded mouse (M500).

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