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Jul. 4th, 2015 04:15 am (UTC)
the fact that donald trump can make a lot of money inspires me - if he can do it, how hard could it be

An important but oft overlooked point regarding all these rich people.

How much money did they *start* with? Often their money (or their family's money) was far higher than a "normal" person would have. That's not "merely" a "step up" it's a *huge* advantage.

The resources you have to start with influences the results in a *very* non-linear manner. 10 times the starting resources doesn't give you 10 times the results. More like 100 times.

Another important point is "who did they know?" What sort of contacts did they have from family, friends, school, etc. This is another force multiplier.

If you "know somebody" you aren't just more likely to get a job. You are more likely to get a *good* job (as opposed to an "entry level" job that's essentially dead end.

And this, btw, is why upper middle class types think "get a job" is a reasonable thing to tell somebody. Because they *do* have starting resources and contacts (or did when *they* were entering the work force).

"middle" midle class folks think this too. Many of them have gotten a rude shock when they got dumped back into the job market and found out that they no longer have the contacts that got them a good job when they were young.
Jul. 4th, 2015 04:49 am (UTC)
The dagger masters bit is stupid.

Even with a fully automatic assault rifle (which has not been used in any shootings, just semi auto so-called "assault weapons") you can't fire 200 rounds in 10 seconds. Especially since even an extended magazine only holds 30 rounds and it takes time to change a magazine.

Daggers, no. But there have been mass attacks involving machetes. And the wounds tend to be *worse* than gunshots.

And, of course, the worst school massacre in Us history didn't involve guns at all. The school janitor blew up the school! It was a farming community and he used dynamite from his farm. Which is still perfectly possible.

We need to find ways to stop folks getting "brainwashed" into thinking that killing off all these people to make a point is ok.

And we need to find ways to identify them *before* they do something.

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