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Frickin AWESOME meme!

Ganked from not_in_denial, who stole it from someone else.

1. Choose a few of your own characters. Five at the most.
2. Make them answer the following questions.

A. How old are you?

Lo: Eighteen, currently. Forever 18, me! All other ages are just part of my ficticious history.

Allen: Fifty long years of tortured art have flowed through this body.

Behold: I'm also just 18, currently.

Nokwahl: Age? You mean, how many years I have been alive? Well... I don't pay a lot of attention to that anymore, but I am in my early 20's.

Damon: *Turns away, shaking, refusing to speak. Holds up both hands. First has 2 fingers up, the second has first 5, then 9. He is 29.*

B. Height?

Lo: Five foot 11 inches tall.

Allen: *Glances at his daughter with an odd expression on his face* An inch shorter than Lo.

Behold: *Glares daggers* Just barely five feet tall. Got a problem with that?

Nokwahl: Five feet, 9 inches tall.

Damon: *Again with the hands, one saying five and the other saying one, only this time they come together. He's 6 feet tall.*

C. Got any bad habits?

Lo: Talking too much. And eating cheese puffs. So bad for me, but they taste so AWESOME!

Allen: Letting my emotional pain fill me to the point where all I can do is lock myself in my den and go into howling, screaming, throwing-stuff fits of anguish.

Behold: Punching people who tease me for being short.

Nokwahl: I wouldn't say I drink enough for it to be a problem, but that soda pop gives me a nice buzz, and makes me forget the pain of my past. (Ah'Koi Bahnis are not affected by alcohol like humans are. Alcohol has no effect on them at all. But caffeine has the same effects on them as alcohol does on humans.)

Damon: *Mimes drinking alcohol.*

D. You a virgin?

Lo: Hell no! Gave that away when I was just a child, to my best friend. Unless you mean virgin to the opposite sex. In that case, yes, and plan to forever be so.

Allen: Well, as Lo is my biological daughter, I should think the answer to that would be obvious.

Behold: Same answer as Lo's. *Giggles*

Nokwahl: *Chuckles* I do not believe any Ah'Koi Bahnis child remains a virgin after their 8th year. Considering that I was like any other Ah'Koi Bahnis child, I would say I had my first sexual experience when I was 3 (equivalent to age 6 in humans), though I do not remember for sure. I am, of course, not counting my rape, which happened when I was 5 (equiv to 10 in humans).

Damon: *Shakes his head, looking sad.*

E. Who is your mate/spouse?

Lo: *Smiling* Behold.

Allen: *Sighs wistfully* Betty Leigh Smith. Such an understanding, open-minded woman. Puts up with me and my insanity very well. I envy her peaceful nature.

Behold: Lo. *Giggles*

Nokwahl: A human female by the name of Samantha Dryson.

Damon: *Starts to weep, racked by powerful sobs.*

F. Have any kids?

Lo: Nope. Too young, not ready yet. Besides, you need either a male or adoption papers for that. No penis has ever entered my vagina, and I doubt it ever will.

Allen: Yes, obviously. One. My daughter, Lolita Leigh Smith.

Behold: Same answer as Lo's.

Nokwahl: I do not have any young ones yet. I am not yet ready for children. Perhaps one day. Of course, Samantha will not be a biological parent to any children I have, but as an Ah'Koi Bahnis, I am perfectly capable of impregnating myself.

Damon: *Sobs get louder.*

G. Favorite food?

Lo: Cheese puffs! That is, if they can be considered food.

Allen: Well, I barely notice most of what I eat, as I'm usually absorbed in my pain. But I like strawberry ice cream... it pierces through my agony.

Behold: I don't suppose Lo's pussy would count, would it? *Giggles* But seriously, fried chicken is awesome.

Nokwahl: Alora fruit is my favorite food, second only to morph'ohnii (fireflower) petals.

Damon: *Recovers from his sobbing, wipes his eyes, and grabs a nearby apple, brandishing it.*

H. Favorite ice cream flavor?

Lo: Strawberry cheesecake ice cream!

Allen: Regular strawberry, through anything with strawberries is good.

Behold: Gimme chocolate any day!

Nokwahl: What is ice cream? It sounds cold and crunchy, but it could be good on hot days. I shall have to ask Sam about it when I get home.

Damon: *Gives you The Look, like 'Why the fuck are you asking about ice cream at a time like this?'*

I. Killed anyone?

Lo: Nope. Pretended to be dead once, though.

Allen: No. I could never harm anyone intentionally, not even to save my own wreched life. Though maybe to save Lo's life, I could. Yes, I haven't killed anyone, but I could.

Behold: Nope. Hope I never have to, either.

Nokwahl: I am an officer of the Terran Law Enforcement Agency. Yes, I have regrettably killed people in the line of duty. I do not know if I can forgive myself for it, either. I avoid it whenever possible, though.

Damon: *Starts weeping again.*

J. Hate anyone?

Lo: Um... *thinking* No, not really.

Allen: Myself.

Behold: I hate people who tease me for being short.

Nokwahl: The only person I ever hated is now no longer a threat to anyone.

Damon: *Points at himself.*

K. Any secrets?

Lo: Just the STC. *Winks*

Allen: Secrets? What!?! What do you know? Who've you been talking to? What--- oh! *Laughs maniacally* Oh no, ha ha. Funny joke. I'm a comedian. Secrets? Me? You must be joking! *Clams up*

Behold: I once got so mad at a teacher that I, well... *whispering* gave her a ham sandwich days later that I'd first put the ham up my... well... *blushes*
Lo: BEHOLD! Eeew, that's disgusting!
Behold: *Ashamed* I KNOW! But I was, like, 8 at the time.

Nokwahl: Well, I do keep secret from most people the knowledge that I was raped as a child.

Damon: *Grabs a piece of paper and a pen, writes this: "When I speak around people, their life force leaks out. If I speak around them for too long, they die. And I don't know why."*

L. Love anyone?

Lo: Behold!

Allen: My wife and my daughter.

Behold: Lo! And my parents.
Lo: Oh yeah, duh! I love my parents, too.

Nokwahl: Samantha Dryson, my lover. I still love Alex Davison, though we were only briefly an item. And of course, I love my parents and my surviving siblings, especially my youngest sister, D'Reenah.

Damon: *Starts to cry again.*
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