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Sometimes, the combination of using TPNN for prayers with the fact that there's a LOT of gaping holes in TPNN's vocabulary, makes for some very interesting work-arounds. In a prayer I just did, I made the TPNN term " woi'jiijii-kursh," which basically translates to "re-healthful." (Woi- prefix = "full of-", jiijii = from jiijiinahr, meaning "health," and the "-kursh" suffix means "again.") So it literally means "full of health again," but one rule I've recently come up with for TPNN is that compound words like that are generally read backwards (IE, kursh jiijii woi in this case), which means "re-healthful" is a better translation. (Well, not literally read backwards. Constructed backwards? Yeah, constructed backwards. Like, if you did it in English with that rule, instead of "re-healthful," you'd have "fullhealth-re."

Plus, I kinda like "re-healthful" as an English neologism. :-)

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