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I've given up on the Festival, but...

(I decided to change the background image of my LJ again. It is currently on...

(Link goes to my web site, to the page called "Shrine To Nahtahdjaiz.")

Nahtahdjaiz! [naw-todd-jaze], the Child God/dess of Children!

(I use God/dess and Zie because my Deities are hermaphrodites, though they all look female. 'Zie' and 'Zir' are my favorite 'English' genderless pronouns, zie being like 'she' and zir being like 'her.' I use them here instead of the Ah'Koi Bahnis words 'Djai' and 'Djair' because they should be easier to pronounce.)

Nahtahdjaiz, unlike the children and baby animals and baby plants Zie is God/dess of, was not born. Zie Arose. Zie simply found Zirself existing one day, and was very scared and lonely. Shao'Kehn - God/dess of Chaos - and Ahndahn - God/dess of Order - found Zir and comforted Zir. When They found out how Zie had come about - and that Zie was, thus, an orphan - They decided (since They were a couple anyway) to raise Zie as Their own. Thus began Their history of helping mortals by sending pieces of Their souls - full of Their wisdom - down to us. For raising Nahtahdjaiz into the happy Eternal Child that Zie is today gave them a fondness for helping out those in need, those who were lonely and scared.

Thus, we celebrate Nahtahdjaiz as our sibling. Mother Shao'Kehn, Father Ahndahn, Sibling Nahtahdjaiz. Sahn-Kia, Nahtahdjaiz, Koh Soh La Kohrain.

Visit Zir Shrine

Read "The Epic Of Nahtahdjaiz"

In case you're wondering, that thing inside the circle in Zir symbol is Zir belly button. It's there because it is a symbol of being born, and though Nahtahdjaiz was never born, Zir spirit (not Zir soul, Zir spirit) lives in all of those who *are* born.
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