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Hot dream

I had a dream the night before last, of a type I don't often have anymore: a sex dream. In it, there was this pregnant woman... not sure how old she was, but couldn't have been much older than 20 or 25. She was VERY far along, final trimester. She was short, maybe 5'0", strawberry blonde. Anyway, she was very horny and at first tried getting off with this guy, but he basically went wham bam thank you maam, and she just got sexually frustrated. So I took over. I got behind her, picked her up, and we laid down on the bed. I took my time making love with her, kissing her neck and shoulders while I fingered her clit. Over the course of about a dozen or so minutes of dream-time, I masturbated her to a screaming orgasm. I woke up very happy. :-D

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