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The Taking of Deborah Logan

Sometimes I watch horror, and recently Netflix suggested this movie called "The Taking of Deborah Logan." I love it! It's done in documentary style, starts out with these medical students doing a documentary on Alzheimer's for like a thesis or something. Anyway, so it's this normal documentary about Alzheimer's at first, but then little peculiar things start creeping in, fairly subtle. As the movie progresses, things get weirder and creepier. What I liked best about it was that it relied heavily on psychological stuff and being eerie, and not so much on jump scares. Yes, there are a few jump scares, but not many. And there's almost always warning when there is. Like Deborah will go very quiet and get this look on her face and you just KNOW she's about to do something.

It also had very little CGI. The only real CGI it had was toward the end, a scene in a cave which I will not spoil. But it was done beautifully and realistically.

Now the characters in this seemed to think it was possession by a vengeful spirit, but in the end I became convinced it was a demon of some kind.

I especially liked how the Catholic priest was the one telling her she was imagining things, and that the Church doesn't do exorcisms anymore. That was a nice touch. Threaten to go down a trope road and go somewhere else with that.

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