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I know it's not irony but I don't have a better word for it.

It's weird, but when it comes to bureaucracy, Shao'Kehn - a Chaos Goddess who admits to not being omnipotent or omniscient - is better at dealing with that nonsense than is my roommate's supposedly omnipotent/omniscient Christian God. My roomie has been on the phone with Food Stamps literally all day long, on hold almost the whole time, and whenever she gets a human being, they hang up on her. I asked her if she'd been in to the offices, and she has: several different locations, and they all tell her to call the phone number where everyone hangs up on her.

This is especially odd because I, with Shao'Kehn, almost never have a problem with bureaucracy. If I'd been calling Food Stamps for the same reason, I would have been done in 40 minutes or less. The other day I went in to the Social Security office, expecting to be there for an hour or two to get something, and it took only 30 minutes at most. Shao'Kehn excels at speeding these things along for me. The only exception has been trying to get through to someone on the food boxes phone, but then in that case they literally only have 5 or 6 people on the phones. So I just don't call them anymore, and just show up. It's far easier for all involved.

OMG, she's still on hold, 40 minutes after they supposedly close. I can hear the hold thing, because she has the speakerphone on. WTF???

Man, I'm gonna have to call them for her, I can tell. Well, that's going to be an interesting conversation: "Roomie, I should call them for you. My chaos Goddess excels at dealing with bureaucracy, it never takes me longer than an hour to get stuff done with them. I guess that's the advantage of having a personal Goddess who doesn't even pretend to be omnipotent."

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