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Conventional fiction

As little as a year ago, I never thought I would be writing conventional fiction and LIKING IT. But here I am, I've finished EIGHT conventional fiction short stories. Okay, so some of those are experimental, and "Peace" skirts the edge between conventional and fantasy ("Is he crazy or is it really happening?" sort of thing). But the Lolita Leigh Smith series is now up to three completed stories and one half-finished story. Titles in that series: "La Petite Mort," "Kinderlieber," "Braving The Emocean," and now "The STC."

Neither could I have guessed I'd be READING it and liking it. Aside from some books required for school, and reading "Lolita" by Vladimir Nabokov out of curiosity, I've only ever read scifi or fantasy, and subsequently only *written* in those genres. But I read "The Bermudez Triangle" by Maureen Johnson and now I'm hungry for more! I can't even really get into "Starplex" by Robert J. Sawyer, even though I flew through "Flashforward."

Obviously, I'm going to be reading more Maureen Johnson books. But I want to explore other possibilities as well. So here is my request: If you know any good conventional fiction titles, let me know in the comments. Please include title, author, and a short synopsis AND/OR a link to the book on Amazon.
      I'm especially interested in the following:

* YA fiction, since the characters in my Lolita Leigh Smith series won't be getting older than 18 anytime soon.

* Fiction with GLBT content (Yes, even "romance" that is GLBT)

* Controversial titles (Bermudez Triangle, Lolita, etc.)

* "Experimental" conventional fiction. Stuff that does new and weird things. Maybe even crosses genres or skirts the edges of other genres.

Bonus points for combining those!

Thanks in advance!
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