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Funny spam

I got this in a spam email message today:

"Poor Miss Taylor!--I wish she were here again. What a pity it is
that "Yes, papa; we have something to read you, something quite fresh.
A pi These were very cheering thoughts; and the sight of a great
deal of sn "But where could you hear it?" cried Miss Bates. "Where
could you poss
Mrs. Goddard was the mistress of a School--not of a seminary, or an
es "I do not know what I could imagine, but I confess that I have
seldom "That's right, my dear, very right. I had not thought of it
before, bu She had already satisfied herself that he thought Harriet a
- - -- - -

Here is one hot new s to ck with lots of exciting news
and what seems to be a bright future!

- - -

Strategy X Inc. (SGXI)
A global risk mitigation specialist corporation.

Price Today: 0.009
Recommendation: Buy aggresively (500+% pump expected)

SGXI news:
Strategy X Outlines Vertical Market Pursuit of the
2007 U.S. Department of Homeland Security Grants...

For the complete release, please see your brokers website.

- - -- - -
The evening before this great event (for it was a very great event
tha The real evils, indeed, of Emma's situation were the power of
having r "That is the case with us all, papa. One half of the world
cannot unde
They were now approaching the cottage, and all idle topics were
supers He had reached Randalls the evening before. She was pleased with
the e "There is one thing, Emma, which a man can always do, if he
chuses, an Time, she knew, must be allowed for this being thoroughly
done; and sh
"Emma has been meaning to read more ever since she was twelve years
ol "You have made her too tall, Emma," said Mr. Knightley. The
speech was more to Emma than to Harriet, which Emma could understa
"Yes--I have some right to that knowledge; though I have never been at


Yeah, that was the end. Not including the --- things.
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