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So annoying.

Clear is a great Internet service, but there are annoyances. It's paid for month by month, and since I first paid for it on a third, every third of the month at midnight, the Internet goes out. Only site still up at that time is the Clear website. Only problem is, I don't get paid until around 5 AM on the 3rd, and even if my money were in the bank already, something gets fucked up when Clear's website is the only site Clear lets me access, so that all attempts to pay that way will fail. I actually have to disconnect from my own network and access Brooke's wifi to pay the damn bill.
And the worst part is, the only way to reset the payment date is to use Brooke's wifi until after midnight on the 4th or later, which I've finally decided to do. But since the desktop PC in the living room is out of range of Brooke's wifi, my roommate cannot access the Internet until I pay the Clear bill. Good thing she's a good sport about it.

Also, I think I must have accidentally set it to auto-pay, because of the "we could not process your payment" email I get every month - which until today I assumed was an erroneous message sent out whenever I did pay. Only, I didn't attempt to pay today. Only was able to do it before because I would transfer money from the savings, but I recently got hit with a bullshit $15 fee for making too many transfers from my savings account, so I couldn't do that this month.

Fuck, I hate US Bank. That $15 "you've made too many transfers from savings" bullshit fee is only the latest in a string of aggravations from those peckerheads. I really want to transfer to a credit union; the only thing stopping me so far is that I have a US Bank ATM like a block away from here, and there's no ATM fees at those. Used to be there wasn't any ATM fees anywhere with this bank, because they'd automatically refund any and all ATM fees. Then they stopped doing that without warning me (or informing me at all) some months back, which made the account overdraw, and when I complained about it and asked for my automatic ATM fee refunds back, they pretended they'd never done anything like that ever, which is utter bullshit. These fuckers lie all the fucking time, and keep important information from me, and change shit without my permission or even being informed about it all the bloody time, and I am fucking fed up with it.

It's not the only time they've done something like that, either. When I signed up, they told me explicitly that there would be no monthly fees, and there weren't for a long time. Then at some point they started charging an $8 fee, again without telling me, and so once more I overdrew. No wonder these bastards got sued for this overdraw shit. (And lost. I got a pitiful $3 out of the settlement. Should have been at least $60, seeing as that's how much their fucking bullshit games have cost me, but whatever.)
Oh yeah, and my current savings account is my second with them. They cancelled the first one without my consent. Didn't even tell me about it, as per usual. Granted, there wasn't anything in it, but still, they should have at least asked. Or warned me it might happen. But customer service seems to be a foreign concept to these people.

So yeah, if I can find a credit union with no monthly fees and no ATM fees at any ATMs, I'm gonna jump on that like a marooned nymphomaniac on a gigolo.

I get so fucking tired of getting the shaft from these fucking banks. I moved to US Bank to begin with because my previous bank, Key Bank, was playing this fucking game where they would charge an overdraft, then charge another overdraft fee when the overdraft fee got posted to the account, which is doubly bullshit and ought to be illegal. The last straw was when I got charged two overdrafts on the first overdraft. Fucking Key Bank's CEOs should be in prison for bullshit like that. US Bank is better, but not by a lot. At least with US Bank, I have things set up so I can't overdraw with my debit card.

Fuck, I never had problems like this with the local banks in Iowa. Maybe I should avoid chain banks altogether, if possible.

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