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Memetic monsters meeting Murray

A meme stolen from not_in_denial, who stole it from someone else. I added one, though.

1. My username is Fayanora because... well, that's an interesting story. My first usernames online were experiments with being someone else (come on, you've all done it!), but I got tired with that and wanted to be myself. I was fascinated with the world of Traipah already... it was fast becoming my spirituality because in the mad struggle to find a good story in that world, I fell in love with it and its people. My first username was Bahruven. It was the first name of Bahruven Ehkvenis, a character I had in a short story that is now in novel number 2: "100 Year Wait."

I grew tired of that, though, because it was still me pretending to be someone else, in a sense, even though it was at the same time me being me. So I gave myself a new name. I chose Fayanora Ahnabahn Tahlahmorgk (Flirtatious Spiritual Lover of Trees) and hence the username Fayanora. I found that it was so unique that no matter how many other people were on a site, I could always use that username. So I use it pretty much all the time, pretty much everywhere.

2. My handle is "Reverend Water-Nymph Nocturnal" because... I love giving myself names. Probably because it took me ages to come to peace with my given name, and because bullies were always giving me their own names. Names have power, so I like having names for myself.

When I was getting into Discordianism, I was on a lot. That's where I met Lilla, in fact. It was SO easy to change one's handle there, I was forever changing my name. Two of my favorites of all time were Reverend Water-Nymph Nocturnal (which was made in part by a random holy name generator) and The Invidious Walking Salad (random holy name generator again). This classic I love much better than Pope Fay, even.

3. My journal is titled "Fay's Fabulous Funhouse" because... I wanted this LJ to be a fun place. And since it's free, well. :-)

4. My subtitle is "Where the wierd ones hang out" because... I should think that would be obvious.

5. My friends page is called "See or be my wacky friends" because... again, obvious. :-)

6. My default userpic is "God says" because... I loved the "god says" icon in a similar style that floats around LJ, but thought the messages were a bit negative and the icon was probably designed by an anti-theist. So I made a new version of positive and CWG-inspired sayings.

If you've read this post, then TAG! You're it!
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