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Great metaphor for depression.

I like to think of depression as being in a spacecraft, and the door opens, sucking out the air. Now depending on how big your spacecraft and how big the air leak, it could take anywhere from months for the air to disappear, to it all rushing out in a matter of hours. And then when all the air is gone, apathy is the void inside. And if you're lucky, you got into your spacesuit in time, but that air will only last so long.

You can take steps to patch the hole(s), maybe find something that can act like making a pit stop at a space station for extra air. And even if you've sealed all the leaks and have air recycling systems going, you're still surrounded by void, and something could happen at any minute to start the process over again. But then, I think all of us are drifting in the void, and some people only lose air when some life event blasts a hole in their hull, but they patch it up in time and go on about their lives.

While those of us with depression... a lot of us have been through so many battles with so many alien vessels and ion storms and whatnot, that there are leaks everywhere, and only several years or decades with no battles at all would be enough time to find all the leaks and repair them. And even then, the structural integrity is compromised. But of course life always has its battles, so healing is slow when it happens at all. And sometimes things in the ship malfunction and you go into battle mode when there's nothing out there, or something just settles the wrong way and causes an unanticipated collapse that has to be fixed. So the red alerts keep going off.

I think Robin Williams's ship just was so tired of the constant red alerts and battles and the continuing damage from a settling, ill-repaired ship that he felt adrift and was just like, "Fuck it" and hit the reactor overload button to self destruct.

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