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Wish I had a cure for IBS

So I am apparently so sensitive to onion now that I had an IBS incident from em-effing BEEF BROTH that had onion and garlic in it. Which makes grocery shopping extremely hard now, because you know what has onions in it? Lots and lots of things. Do you know how many salad dressings have onion in them? EVERY SINGLE MOTHERFUCKING ONE OF THEM. Even the mother-fucking vinaigrettes! Either that or dairy, which I also seem to be sensitive to. I even looked into the weird ones like Green Goddess, but nope, every damned last one of the motherfuckers has onion and/or garlic in it.

Thus, I decided to make my own salad dressing, an oil/vinegar dressing. Two parts oil to one part vinegar. And, going by something the website I found said, I went to the store to see if they had raspberry vinegar, and sure enough, they did! And so I made my own salad dressing using fresh oregano, fresh basil, peanut oil, and raspberry vinegar. I *was* going to use olive oil, but my roommate told me olive oil would turn it bitter or something. And either because that's true or whatever, the stuff is very yummy. Oh, also it has table pepper in it, because so far as I know, I'm not sensitive that *that* yet. Anyway, put everything in the blender and liquefied it, and now I have a yummy dressing. Also added a little water, which I won't do next time; it's a tad too thin now. Still yummy though. Just made an experimental amount this time around, but once I run out I will make a lot more.

The salad I made is mixed greens with sliced olives, diced zucchini, chopped tomatoes, and diced ham.

I also made a chicken salad for tomorrow. Started out last night by making a whole bunch of chicken legs in the oven, because I had two huge packages of chicken legs from the food boxes place. While the eggs for the egg/chicken salad were boiling tonight, I peeled the meat off the bones and shredded it by hand. Had to rest a couple times because of hand cramps, but whatever. Then the hard boiled egg yolks get mixed with vinegar (apple cider vinegar) and mayo, then the chopped egg whites get mixed into the sauce, then the chicken and other ingredients. Aside from the egg and chicken, it also has diced zucchini, diced cucumber, peas, and chopped mushrooms.

All in all, spent 2 and a half hours cooking, and that was just tonight. Last night it took 40 minutes to cook the chicken legs. (They had been in the fridge overnight, but were still mostly frozen. Oh well, I'm used to cooking chicken from frozen.)

Lastly, do you have any idea how fucking frustrating it is trying to shop for foods my IBS won't bitch about, when so many damned things have completely useless, vague-ass shit like "spices" listed on the ingredients? Like, okay, sure, "spices," but what KIND of spices! How is it legal to not specify what kind of spices are actually in a thing?

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