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Reading in dreams

I have a friend who tells me she can't read in dreams, not really; everything is nonsense, squiggly lines, and the dream sense of Just Knowing Things translates the nonsense for her. When she told me this, I was fascinated, because when I read in dreams, it's actual words. Actual letters arranged in words, and those words are arranged intelligently. In fact, last night I was dreaming I was talking with this beautiful black woman, and she wanted my email address, and I pulled out a business-card type card, but I could plainly see it had my old Yahoo address on it, and I was writing out the new one when this creeper guy tried to hone in on our budding lesbian relationship with his creepiness.

I've even had dreams where I was reading Spanish. Mind you, that's reading Spanish about as well as I can in real life, but I remembered the sign I was reading well enough upon awaking that I recognized some of the words as actual Spanish words. Whether the sign made any sense or not, I dunno. My Just Knowing Things dream sense couldn't be arsed to translate the sign for me, so it was just like running into such a sign in real life.

Oh yeah, and I've had dreams where I'm reading things on Tumblr or LiveJournal before. Sometimes I'll remember a dream Tumblr post as a real one for a bit before I'm like, "Oh yeah, that was a dream."

But yeah, my ability to read in dreams contributes to the paranoia I get if I ever have those hyper-realistic dreams with realistic colors and details. Luckily, though, I haven't had one of those in months.

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Jul. 26th, 2014 03:06 pm (UTC)
What's weird is that I usually *think* I can read. It's only if I need to look at the actual *words* that it quits working.

And sometimes, I *can* read short bits of stuff. Like that email address wouldn't be a problem. But if I had a page of text, and needed to rread it carefully, things would keep interfering. Then I'd get to the point of it'd look like words, but not make any sense.

I think the short stuff gets handled by the part of the brain that recognizes shapes/images. But the actually *reading* part is offline most of the time in dreams.
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