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Making adjustments

I have IBS, and it seems to be made worse by spicy food and anything in the onion family, much to my dismay, because I love spicy food and onions. I used to boggle the minds of the other kids in Pizza Hut pizza parties by putting so much ground hot pepper on the pizza that you couldn't see the cheese anymore for all the peppers (because I was so stuffed up all the time as a kid that spicy peppers were one of the few things I could actually taste). And onions have always been my favorite vegetable, along with broccoli.

Anyway, Brooke and I have been growing zucchini, and we harvested our first one, which was so huge we split it in half and each got half. I wanted to make my long time favorite chicken veggie stuff with hummus, but in the past I always used taco seasoning, or African Piri-Piri mix if I had it, to give the chicken veggie mix flavor. Or, barring that, paprika or cayenne. But couldn't do that this time. So what to flavor it with?

Well what I ended up doing was stir-frying the veggies (zucchini, mushrooms, eggplant, and broccoli) and chicken in olive oil and adding basil and oregano, then when it was done cooking, mixing in the whole package of crumbled feta cheese into it and shaking it up to mix it.

And oh my goodness, that stuff is AWESOME! Sooooo delicious! Especially eaten using tortillas spread with olive tapenade hummus, which is this hummus with diced olives of several varieties in the center, and olive oil. I had been on a long hiatus from my chicken veggie stuff and hummus, actually, until then. And now I think I'm off that hiatus for a while.

Oh yeah, and while I was walking to Sandy earlier because I didn't want to wait 30 minutes for the Line 71 bus, there was this one house (in an area where the people seem to all be upper middle class) that had a free-box FULL of zucchinis. (Not sure if every town has free-boxes; they're boxes people put out with handwritten signs saying "Free" on them.) I took the three largest ones, and left the rest. Not only did I not want to be greedy, I'm also unsure if I can use what I took fast enough to be worth it. But I hope I do.

Also, earlier at the Grocery Outlet store I found a Digiorno's "Design A Pizza Kit" for $4. I decided to try it. It's got the cheese and tomato sauce pre-done on the crust, with the other ingredients in separate packages. One had pepperoni, one had chicken, one had a mix of bell peppers and onions (which I may give to Brooke since my IBS doesn't like it), another had spices (basil/oregano mix), and the last had extra cheese. Well, I put on everything except the onion/pepper mix, and also added sliced black olives, fresh mushrooms, and extra cheese.

OMG I've just eaten some and it is MANA FROM HEAVEN! An olivegasm in my mouth!

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