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The War On Wuggs

I wrote this poem just today! I've been planning it for weeks, only today got around to writing it:

“The War On Wuggs”
By = Opus Van De Oplicter
(AKA Tristan Arts)

There once was a land named Vame,
Its people were mild and tame;
They were quite free
And quite happy to be,
That is, until came The Game.

It came for them one sunny day,
From a land not too far away;
Its givers they shook,
And scratched every nook,
And seemed far too eager to play.

The game came to be known as Wuggs,
And it gave its players all hugs;
They started to play,
All night and all day,
Pausing only to scratch at the bugs.

The sickness, it spread far and wide,
“Wuggs Rocks!” the addicts all cried;
It took them some while
To see past its guile,
And by then, several people had died.

There was such hue and such cry,
“No more of our people will die!
Let's be rid of this plague
On this very same day,
If you're with me, shout hip-hip hor-eye!”

So they marched on the capital's gate,
But they found they were slightly too late;
For the government knew
What it had to do,
Namely, new laws for the state.

So started Vame's war on this “Wuggs,”
The game that made them see bugs;
The country they shook,
Shaking down every nook,
But they just barely missed all the thugs.

Demand for the game was still nigh,
But you had to know the right guy;
Each level he'd sell
Only when you're in hell
For a price that was almost too high.
They tried for four years and three weeks,
To get the foul game off the streets;
But it kept coming in,
Creating such din,
That they felt they'd almost been beat.

Unable to find its suppliers,
They started arresting the buyers;
They used pretty words
Made of recycled turds,
They were desperate, and quite practiced liars.

Thrown in jail with killers and fiends,
Even gamers as young as their teens;
No treatment at all,
Who dropped the ball?
So they got Wuggs in by all means.

When even that came to fail,
Two-thirds of its people in jail,
The government looked
For any missed nooks,
And found one in Dorgalapail.

Dorgalapail, a country just south,
Was the origin of this evil louse;
The game came from they,
So the government say,
“Let us invade every house!”

So Vame's military send off its might
In the war against Wuggs, a new fight!
Their neighbors were pissed
To be treated like this,
But Vame must rid of this blight!

The suppliers were treated quite shitty,
Hunted and killed without pity;
With tanks all about,
They got rooted out,
And moved away from the city.

Vame's plan there succeeded as well
As the plan it had used on itself;
Now there were more thugs,
And even more Wuggs,
And a new country was thrown into Hell.

The war against Wuggs love goes on,
And no matter how often comes dawn,
They still will not treat it,
How do they hope to beat it?
Well at least here's the end of this song.

In other news, I've been writing up a storm! First I actually started and completed a short story (because I realized to come up with short ideas for short stories... usually my ideas are too big for short stories, I get frustrated, and I quit.) And now I have *counts* THREE completed short stories! One is super-short, I doubt if it will be more than a page long when I've typed it down. And they're all really WEIRD. I call them Opus Van De Oplicter short stories! And I'm working on a fourth, and I have a bunch of ideas for more of them!
      Just to tease you, here are the titles of those stories:
"What Was In My Toast This Morning?"
"The Car Wash"
And I forgot the title of the one I'm working on. *Blushes*
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