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ARGH! I want to go somewhere and do something, but this town has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! I hate beiong in my apartment all the time!

Edit: I might as well be living in Bumfuck, Arkansas. We have one theatre that shows one movie at a time. The only decent movies they ever have are kids movies and superhero movies. The rest is crap or horror flicks. Then we have a few pools. A fitness club (oh yeah, sounds like assloads of fun). *Racks brains* A Pamida store (like Wal-Mart's mentally retarded cousin). I can count the number of restauraunts without using all ten of my fingers (a steakhouse, a buffet, a Subway, an Arby's, a Pizza Hut, a chinese place I can't eat at because they use MSG, a KFC I can't eat at cuz I'm vegetarian, and a taco place I can't get to without paying for a cab to take me.) And a casino. Some bars.

So... eat out with one of my limited choices, watch a piece of shit movie, work out, drink, or gamble. Those are my choices. And I hate them all. (Eating out is a once a week thing for me, too.)

I don't have cable, either. I get three stations. Only one of those three comes in without too much static. I have no Internet at home. I live for Netflix, and even that isn't helping much. I've been doing a lot of reading, but even that gets dull after a while.
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