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Jaw problem

There's something new going on in my right jaw, somewhere in the jaw itself. Not a toothache, but some other gods-know-what thing in the muscles of the jaw. I know exactly where in the mouth it is. Dunno if it's related to the jaw strain I've been having lately or is something else, but it makes chewing painful, no matter what side of my face I chew on. Got some off-brand Anbesol for it. Made my tongue go numb along with the place where the pain was, but it made the pain go away long enough to get to sleep earlier. Took over half an hour to eat two slices of pizza earlier, usually I can eat that in 15 minutes or less.

Probably gonna have to have a doc look at it. I think it's probably just like TMJ or something, but gods, it hurts. Only thing is, do I go to a normal doctor or a dentist? It's not a tooth problem, but it IS inside my mouth.

I think I have an idea what happened. The other day, I was chewing, and my temple muscles got fucking huge and swollen again. It hurt. I massaged them until they got back to normal size, but like the next day I began noticing this issue. It got worse yesterday.

Gods, I hate being a fragile meat puppet for my soul!

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