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Another OVDO poem

My mom will love this one, I wrote it for her for Mother's Day. She really does break out into song at the weirdest moments. No where near as predictably as the drop of a hat, but still... she'll love it. :-)

“Hello My Baby, Hello My Honey, Hello My Ragtime Gal”
By = Opus Van De Oplicter
(AKA Tristan A. Arts)

As I was walking by my mum,
I dropped my bowler hat;
And she began to sing a tune,
A bawdy sailor's chant!

She sang with such gusto,
She sang with such glee,
That a stillness so rapt
Wrapped itself around me.

I bent to grab my bowler hat,
And stood up quite immersed;
And when she'd finished singing,
She started going through her purse.

Hoping for an encore grand,
I dropped my hat once more;
And like the frog in that cartoon,
She started dancing 'cross the floor.

I tripped into the hat stand
And she sang an hour straight;
Songs of all varieties
Came from her throbbing pate.*

I took her to some people
To be sure she'd sing on cue,
I thought she'd do that anywhere,
And thank god it was true!

So now I am her agent,
And her album's double gold!
My family's doing well now
On all the music sold!

That's my story true, now!
Here she comes now for a chat;
Hello Mom, how are you?
Oh sir, you dropped your hat!


* Yes, I know. It's alright.
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