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Windows versus Ubuntu: updates

In which I illustrate one of the many reasons I detest Windows and love Ubuntu:

Updates on Windows:

1. Windows downloads updates without my consent or even informing me it's doing so.

2. It then brings up this window giving a countdown to a forced restart. If I happen to be away from the computer too long when it does this, I come back to a restarting computer. Does Windows care I was in the middle of something that is now lost forever? Of course it doesn't. Windows is the operating system avatar of capitalism.

3. If I do get to postpone the forced restart, I can only postpone for 4 hours before the countdown screen comes back up.

4. When I do finally get around to letting it restart, it takes approximately 15 - 30 minutes to install the updates, if not longer. And all I can do is try not to get bored.

5. I get excited when "update 12 of 12" finishes, only to have to wait another 5 or 10 minutes for some other bullshit.

Updates on Ubuntu:

1. Okay, admittedly, Update Manager steals focus and it's a bitch trying to navigate away from it.

2. Ubuntu not only waits for permission, but actually requires you re-enter your login password to download the updates.

3. When Ubuntu is done downloading updates, it just sits there patiently in the background, waiting for you to go back to it without nagging or trying to force a restart.

4. Not all updates require restart.

5. On updates that require a restart, restart time is no slower than a normal restart.

~ ~ ~

And THAT is why I detest Windows updates.

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