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Root drive full.

I run a dual-boot laptop between Windows and Ubuntu, though honestly I only use the Windows side once every few months.

Lately my computer has been telling me that the root is running out of space. Well, I have burned to disk and deleted a fuckton of stuff from both sides, and it's still giving me this bullshit. I have no idea what to do about it, and everything that comes up about the problem on Google makes little or no sense to me. I don't know why Linux help-people feel they have to write every damn thing in hieroglyphs, but they do.

Can someone in the know give me some advice in plain English that I can try? Because I'm getting fed up with this shit. There's almost 50 gigs of free space on the hard drive, but the damned machine keeps insisting that the root is down to 952 MB. I am gonna go fuckin crazy if I can't figure out what's causing this bullshit soon.

EDIT: On of my friends on Dreamwidth found me the solution, and now my root has 8.1 GB free! WEEE!

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