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My roommate, who I sometimes call Djiirah [ʒɪəʳʌ] (short for Zavashlyn Kusahndjiira Kiinbahn [zɒvɒʃlɪn ku:sɒnʒɪəʳʌ ki:nbɒn] ), recently hurt herself on her bike. The injury was bad enough that the only thing that saved her from internal bleeding, and likely saved her life, was fat she'd been building over the past few months from a combo of [grief bacon] and depression. She's stopped complaining about gaining weight now and is celebrating the life-saving powers of her fat.

Also, it turns out that her arm wasn't broken at all, just hurt so bad that it felt broken, and made it so a big nasty bruise on her side doesn't hurt at all in comparison. X-rays confirmed no broken bones, but she has her arm in a sling now. She's got to do some exercises with her arm a few minutes a day for physical therapy reasons.

Poor girl, all that and her idiot boyfriend 1. Complained about her "clinginess" after her accident, 2. Posted one of those "crazy girlfriend" memes on his FaceBook. (which he deleted after they broke up) and 3. Broke up with her yesterday. She seems relieved, honestly. Not crying or anything, that I've seen, unlike her last one. Well, they'd only been dating a couple weeks or so anyway, so that makes sense.

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