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Cool dream

I had a dream last night that I and a bunch of other people, which included Castiel from Supernatural and Fred from Angel, were exploring some weird planet, and got chased by humanoid monsters. We lured the monsters into what we thought was a trap for them, and turned out we trapped ourselves. But the place we'd trapped ourselves was dark and echoey and we used that to our advantage, and managed to get near the door again and escape, but ended up in another building. Where one of the monsters surprised us, but Castiel's quick thinking and reflexes let him kill the monster. Then we escaped out into a barren landscape, and everyone started walking slower because somehow we knew the monsters were dead and we were safe.

Except that we weren't safe. I looked down at the ground, which was made of these pebbles of some kind of sparkly metallic substance. I say pebbles, but they were rough, jagged, and came in sizes varying from "very large grain of sand" all the way up to "half of a snow pea pod." I had one of the mid-sized ones in my hand, looking at it, when it started to "melt" and stick to my skin. I wiped it off in a panic, suddenly knowing what was going on, and warned the others to get to safety; we were surrounded by hundreds of miles of nanites lying in wait to convert people into monsters. I luckily hadn't gotten any into my blood, so I wouldn't be turned, but you can bet we hoofed it out of there.

When we got to our spaceship, there was someone inside and we were all startled and expecting another monster. And we were partially right, but we were safe - it was just Angel. (Vampire with a soul for anyone who doesn't know.) He let us in and we made our escape.

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