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CPAP and sleep

For the first few months of using the CPAP machine for my sleep apnea, I suddenly stopped remembering most of my dreams, and mostly couldn't even remember that I'd *been* dreaming at all, which is highly unusual for me. But lately, I think I've finally been getting used to it. Been remembering my dreams again, and the ones I forget I still remember that I'd been dreaming.

Still having issues with indentation marks, but I found a solution for the worst indentation, the one that appears on the bridge of my nose in the morning: putting cloth there under the piece that's making the mark makes it not appear there in the morning. I'm going to try putting some cloth under the bottom straps as well, because those are the second worst bit. The redness from the rest of the mask blends in with my rosacea, so...

Anyway, improvements. That, and the fact that wearing the mask doesn't hurt anymore. Pressure marks I can deal with.

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