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Postal worker slacking on the job

I often get mail intended for other people, since a lot of people have lived here over the years. But today I saw something that makes me wish I could have gotten a clearer picture of it. In my mailbox today was a piece of mail that not only was addressed to someone nowhere NEAR being close to my name, but was addressed to an entirely different CITY. Not even a city in the Portland metro area! I forget what city it was.

What was worse, someone had stuck a yellow forwarding address sticker with my name and address on it, which made me go WTF and take a picture of it. I was gonna black out the names and everything about the addresses but the cities, but didn’t find out til just now that the picture was too blurry. I X’d out the forwarding address sticker, then circled the original address and wrote above the circle “Really? Did you even try?”

I give the people at the post office zero stars, they have brought down the collective IQ of the country 1 point with this fuckery.

Edit: Retrieved it. Picture under the cut.

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