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Funny mental image

 My friend Brooke and I often play this game with one another called "Good news, Bad news," which is a bit like "would you press the button" but you don't get a choice whether it would happen, just imagine what it would be like if it did.

I have a species of people in my main scifi universe, they are called Ah'Koi Bahnis. They are hermaphrodites with a long green, retractable, prehensile penis that looks like a snake or a worm or a tentacle without suckers, which is called a grahbihn. (Click that link for a demonstrative picture.) Most of my friends know about the Ah'Koi Bahnis, and my fascination with the culture and religion I made for them, to the point that I adopted it as my own. And I had thought Brooke was one of the friends who knew I wanted to be an Ah'Koi Bahnis, but either I was wrong or she forgot.

Anyway, so last night Brooke gave me one of those Good News/Bad News pronouncements. What follows is a lot of paraphrasing:

Brooke: Good news: You have the female-looking body you want. Bad news: You have a grahbihn.
Me: ...
Me: How is that bad news? They're retractable, so I would just look like a cis woman. Besides, I would love to have one.
Brooke, recovering quickly: Well it would be hard to explain to a gynecologist. And you just KNOW he or she would find something "off" about your anatomy.
Me: LOL, good point. I can just picture him poking around down there, being like "What's this?" and accidentally triggering it coming out and wrapping around his head in self-defense or something. Poor man would be psychologically scarred for life. *laughing*
Brooke: He'd be like "WHAT ARE YOU?" He'd call security and you'd end up in Area 51 being studied.

To which she just recently added: "BTW, the you with a grabahn(sp?) bit from last night? Just occured to me that you could be charged with "carrying a concealed weapon" "

I then had to explain that it's called a grahbihn, with an i, and that Grahbahn with an a is the name of the Deity of Life. Further explained that "grah" means "worm," "bahn" means "person," and "bihn" means something along the lines of "thing" or "member." So grahbihn with an i = "worm thing/ worm member." Grahbahn with an a = "Worm Person."

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