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Damned Wal-Mart AGAIN

I just read about Wal-Mart is using a modern version of company scrip to pay their employees. And given all the other shit they've been doing over the years, I just fucking lost my shit for a while and then calmed down enough to do something about it.

So I just sent this to my local representatives:

Wal-Mart has begun paying their employees with special debit cards that only work in Wal-Mart, charging them a fee to get their money out for things like rent and shopping other places. This vile practice is company scrip all over again, and the Wikipedia article about “company scrip” agrees. The poor employees already put up with enough from Wal-Mart without this fresh heck added on. This is a violation of ethics and human rights, and I beg you, I plead to you, to introduce a bill banning this practice in Oregon and on a federal level. Mexico has already done so, and New York state has done so. Please please PLEASE don’t let that evil corporation hurt its employees any more than it has already!

Furthermore, I also beg you to fight to raise the minimum wage. When the minimum wage was first introduced, it was intended to be a living wage, and so to go up as inflation went up. As it stands now, it would have to be raised to $15 an hour for employees to be able to survive. Currently, people on minimum wage are needing to depend on food stamps, welfare, and food boxes from charities like Saint Vincent De Paul in order to simply survive. This is bad for them, bad for the economy, and bad for government’s budget. Raising the minimum wage to a living wage like $15 an hour would drastically cut down on the number of people on food stamps and other government welfare assistance, and would save the government millions of dollars a year, possibly even billions.

Wal-Mart and other companies may bleat about that requiring them to raise their prices, but according to and, at a $15 per hour minimum wage, Wal-Mart would only need to raise their prices on everything by ONE PENNY to make up the difference. And I don’t know about you, but one penny extra per item seems a fair exchange for food in children’s stomachs and clothes on their backs. I pray that you, too, feel that this would be a fair exchange, and I pray that you agree that the minimum wage should go up to $15 per hour, and that we should put an end to Wal-Mart’s and McDonalds’ unethical business practice of their employee payment cards.

In addition, raising the minimum wage would put more money in the hands of consumers, causing more spending, which would boost the economy.

I thank you for your time, and I wish you well.

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