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Excellent day!

So my money came in during the wee small hours of the day earlier. I paid the rent, got a bunch of stuff I need, and two things I want. I got Clear Internet, which is working very well so far. And at the Verizon store, they ran my credit check and found I would not be charged a deposit! WEE HOO! And the $175 early termination fee, I can set aside some money in case I need it for that. Oh, and I only had to pay the $1 for the phone (with contract) and $20 for a case. Bill for the phone's plan ain't due til next month, which is great.

Also, I found a $10 bill on the ground on the way to the Verizon store! :-D Sahn-kia, Kusahnjiijahn!

Still keeping the old Assurance phone for reasons.

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