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Nurturing little?

After reading a lot of things on Tumblr and elsewhere about *good* Daddy doms, and things like "I became a Daddy dom because I wanted to nurture someone who needed it," I have gotten an odd idea about myself that I don't even know how to label. Cuz like, I'm a little, and I like being nurtured, but I also like nurturing others. But I can't see myself in a Mommy kind of role. More like, a nurturing little. Like, when I was younger my little sister used to let me lay my head in her lap and I always felt so safe like that, and at peace; but also I resonated with her position as well in that, so that's the kind of image I have in my mind when I think about this, of me as the little and a Daddy/Mommy or Big Brother/Sister or other "big" with their head in my lap, me comforting and nurturing them. Me cuddling with them, with me as the one running my fingers through their hair, etc. A nurturing little. Not doing "big" things like reminding about chores, punishing misbehavior, or any of that. Just... just a nurturing little.

It is by far not the only aspect of my little side, but it's one I've been thinking about a lot lately.

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