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Mothereffing joy of joys

(Started writing this about 8:30 am)
Temporarily given up on sleep because for the past hour and a half, Alex has been ranting at me inside my head and would not shut the fuck up. Granted, the things he was saying were excellent points, about the options for cell phones, but they're things he should have thought of earlier when we at the Verizon store. (Though he wasn't the only issue... my CPAP mask was hurting me enough that I couldn't have slept anyway, and I have come to begin realizing that's a sign that I'm not going to get any sleep any time soon, because when it happens I'm not actually tired enough to ignore the pain. And there's always pain; motherfucking mask always hurts. Doesn't fucking matter how I adjust it, it always either hurts or it makes loud fart-like noises every 10 seconds or so. There is literally no way to wear the fucker that doesn't hurt or make fart noises, and the only sleep I can get is when I'm so fucking tired my body ignores the pain.)

I suppose I might as well give y'all the gist of his rant:

So basically these are our options, cell-phone wise:

1. Place a bet that my life and financial situation will remain stable for two years, to get a phone for "free."
A. If I lose that bet by, for instance, the new manager they hire being a homophobe/transphobe and making up some bullshit to get me evicted (as the current manager of the last place I lived at attempted to do and failed) and moving somewhere I can barely afford again, then I either have to shell out a $200 early termination fee (and the resultant umpteenth black mark on my already poor credit), or continue paying the monthly rate and risk getting into a situation where my electricity would be shut off for non payment, or threatened with eviction for not paying the water bill or whatever.

B. Even if I do win the bet, I still get the shaft because my poor credit basically ensures that I will be charged a several hundred dollar deposit - and I use that term loosely because it's been my experience from working for cell phone companies that nobody ever gets that money back, so that's basically a lose-lose situation, and all I get out of it is 2 years of phone service. Whoop dee fucking doo. They get several hundred dollars out of me and several hundred more over the course of two years via the monthly fee, and all I get is something that I'm no longer sure is worth being financially fucked up the ass with a proverbial cactus for.

2. Shell out $80 or more for a pre-paid Verizon phone, only get 10 minutes of talk time at that price, pay an extra $35 to get the plan's full minutes and text messages, for an initial first-month's total of $115, and that's assuming there's no deposit on that bullshit, because I don't actually know if there would be a deposit on that or not. Only up-sides: A. Slightly cheaper. B. No early termination bullshit.
3. Buy a new Tracfone, or reactivate my old one and pay absurd amounts of money for "units" from which both talk time AND text messages are taken. Last I knew, 120 "units" cost $60. That's 120 minutes of talk like for $60. So that option is complete bullshit. CORRECTION: 120 minutes for $29.99, actually. And if I took the time, effort, and money to find one of their fabled "triple-minute phones," it would actually get me 390 minutes. There's also the 1-year card for $99.99, with 1050 minutes total if I put it on my old double-minute phone, and 1450 minutes if I bought a triple-minute phone. Which is the same amount of minutes as 4 and 5.8 months worth of my Assurance Wireless phone's time, respectively.
4. Keep the piece-of-shit free phone I have now and just add money to the thing in case I go over the free allotment.

Of these four shitty options, I *think* a pre-paid Verizon phone is the least objectionable, assuming there isn't some other bullshit I haven't found out about yet. After all, the ones I was looking at were like, either 500 or 700 minutes per month plus unlimited texting for $35/month. So despite a potentially high initial cost, which may force me to drop some things from my budget for the month, that may be the best bet. Because I really don't feel like paying them hundreds of dollars for a fucking deposit they'd charge me for bullshit I really had no fucking control over, money I will never fucking see ever again, and then risking shelling out hundreds more if my life goes down the shitter again for some reason. I do hope for the best, but I don't bet on it.

EDIT: Oh yeah, and I also need to find room in the budget for some thick black curtains, because I have two fucking windows in my tiny bedroom and if I don't get some fucking curtains, I am going to have to nail goddamn plywood sheets to the inside of my windows because that bright-ass piece of 1000% pure bullshit in the daytime sky is leaking its filth all over me when I'm trying to sleep. I have blinds, but blinds suck ebola-infected donkey cock.

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