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Dream last night

Had a dream last night that I went out waaaay in Beaverton, Hillsboro, or Gresham (directions were a bit weird in the dream) to visit a friend, and attempting to find my way back, I got very lost. Wandered through street fairs and parades, wandered out along highways with lone gas stations, even wandered barefoot for a while, all in the search for a bus line I recognized. Finally found a bus that took me to a stop for the 9, and then found the MAX. Woke up before I got home, but at least I wasn't lost anymore.

Funny thing is, I doubt it could happen in real life. My visual memory is powerful enough that I almost always recognize where I've been. In the dream I was lost for hours and hours, but in real life I doubt I'd be lost for more than 15 minutes. In fact, I remember that once I noticed this ability, I started testing it, started TRYING to get lost to see if I could do it, and nope. Always knew where I'd been, where I was in relation to where I'd been, always knew where I'd turned and what direction I had turned, and by then had a good enough idea of where the nearby bus lines were that I was never lost for more than 15 minutes. Hell, most of the time I wasn't lost at all. I could not have told you what any of the streets were named, but I knew where I was in relation to where I had been, and I knew how to get back to more familiar territory. I believe I even wrote LJ entries about it, under the tag "adventures in getting lost."

Oh sure, when I first moved to town I got lost a bunch of times, but never so badly that I needed more than a little help from passing strangers, or Brooke. And even then I think it was mostly to save time.

Anyway, so the hypothesis was confirmed. I'd like to try more of it, but I would have to get my legs back in shape first.

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