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Ayil'Kwahl'Ahgorah, Lady of the Wires,
And all the joys the Internet inspires,
Please unblock the clogs and speed my connection,
And put my computers under Your protection.

Please open the Facebook when it tries to stay closed,
And make all the servers work as they're supposed,
Please uncage the Twitter, keep the Tumblr rocking,
And stop any Net Nannies from their annoying blocking.

Give the LiveJournal CPR if there's a need,
And outfit my laptop for lightning-fast speed;
Keep the YouTube clear of clogs in the pipes,
And pave the way for my IM's and Skypes.

Please break down the walls that block all the bytes,
And keep the wifi running all day and all night.
Aid all the torrents and their data flood,
If You need it, I could offer my blood.

Ayil'Kwahl'Ahgorah, Thou art Motherboard,
So please help me out, waiting's got me bored.
Protect me from malware, smite spyware and worms,
And horribly evil Conditions And Terms.

And most important of all, stop the evil SOPA,
From letting corporations take the Internet over.
May scammers and spammers be wiped from the C:/
Ayil'Kwahl'Ahgorah, please help me.

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