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A record THREE dreams remembered in one night!

This is a record for me: I remember three distinct dreams from last night. I'll go in order they most likely were dreamed in, rather than the order I remembered them in.

(The details of all of them are a bit fuzzy.)

So the first dream I remember had this woman in it, and she was trying to calm down her exciteable little girl, get some control of her. The girl couldn't have been more than six years old, and she looked vaguely familiar to me. Well it turns out that the "little girl" was really an 18 year old girl from work I know (Lauren K.) who had somehow ingested an experimental drug that not only reverses aging, but reverses the mental age. She'd gotten a bit too much, it seems, and had regressed to age 5 or 6. Cut to this stoner guy talking about the drug, saying, "Man, a drug that not only makes your body younger but your mind as well. Would you be able to resist something like that?" Though I don't know why the stoner guy was there, it wasn't *that* kind of drug: there was no "high." Unless the high manifested as hyperactivity.

From there, the dream transitioned to where I was resolutely marching through this HUGE and crowded school trying to get to the exit. Like I was trying not to get drawn in: I was of the sort of stance that said "I am an adult, I can't get drawn into all this." But when I got to the exit, I stopped and turned around. I took on the form of a little girl (though it wasn't the cause of the drug in the above dream, unless they perfected it, because I still had my mind intact), and walked forward with the rest of the girls. I took my place at part of this series of tables and chairs (now just my size, I must've been in the form of a six or younger) and we were all working on this, like, entrance exam or something. Like a test of where we're at in our learning, no wrong answers, that sort of thing. And I remember thinking, while doing this, "Yay! Elementary school all over again! And I have the secret advantage of having done it all before!" I loved that dream!

Then, much later (just before being awoken, in fact), there was this dream... something to do with a war between humans and artificial sentients. The artificial sentients varied in size from the size of a tapeworm to monstrously huge, and all seemed to require nano-bots to function. And despite what you would think, it seems the side that was losing was the artificial sentients. Though... now I'm not sure if it was a war against ALL artificial sentients, or just against the tapeworm variety... as the tapeworm kind was nibbling on peoples' muscles, and the larger kinds were do--- holy shit, perspective problem! I just realised why I was seeing what looked like caves and tunnels... they were ALL living in peoples' bodies! There weren't monstously huge varieties after all! They were all swimming around in the bloodstream! That huge cave I saw was the inside of someone's heart!

Well anyway, the war was not going well for the artificial sentients... there was one scene where a damaged tapeworm-bot was half-heartedly nibbling on some muscle fiber. And then, for reasons that were never explained, the nano-bots started leaving all these other robots and floated freely in the bloodstream as blue clouds. Since the other bots needed those nanobots to function, this migration killed the larger ones. But it must've been the result of some virus or something, because at one point the larger ones close this door on this dome, sealing up what is to them an unimaginable scene of carnage, keeping themselves safe. (That takes place in the heart.) I remember one of the two that actually closed the door, spotting this as it was being closed, was very distubed by it.
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