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So I went through some boxes and set some aside for storage once I get a storage unit. While I did so, I set up my altar. Well, it's not done completely yet because of an annoying thing: I tried taping up the drawings I have around my altar, and for some reason the packing tape doesn't stick to the walls well enough. It's weird, because I've never had a problem with packing tape before, it's usually pretty awesome. I think there must be something on the walls causing the problem. Anyway, I took a bunch of things down when it became clear they weren't going to stay up on their own, but I wouldn't be surprised if a few more things fell down in the night. What remains looks like it's up there pretty sturdily, and one of the things has been hanging on the wall since I moved in without an issue, but still, wouldn't surprise me if more stuff fell in the night.

Djiira (Amy) suggested painter's tape. I may go look for that tomorrow. Because apparently blue tack stains walls and papers, so that would be a bad idea.

Also hung up this gay pride flag I got at Pride a few years back. I've never been able to hang it up before, but I got it this time with some thumb tacks.

Found my pill box that got lost for a couple days, preventing me from taking my anti-depressants over the weekend. So that's good.

Oh, and I had no idea just how many clothes I had, which is weird because even with those, I need more. Anyway, I need to look into getting a proper dresser drawer, because all I have had for the last few years is a couple plastic drawers from Fred Meyer's. Which are great, but I need a dresser drawer as well.

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