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Moved in!

Well we're all moved in. At least, we have all our stuff out and the old apartment as clean as we can get it. I've switched the electricity service for that apartment out of my name. Would have done the same for the water bill, but apparently - according to the company that does it - the apartment manager has to do that. Which I can't say I'm pleased about, given his track record. If I get any more bills from them, I am going to find some way to talk to a human there and explain that our old manager is the infected scrotum of a swine.

We're gonna video the place in case we need to take the fucker to court for more than we may already need to for renting us a place where we can't drink the fucking water. (We've been using bottled water these past few months ever since our water there started coming out of the tap neon blue.)

I hope very much that Djao'Kain, Satan, Zeus, or somebody either Above or Below smites the hell out of that place when nobody is around to get hurt. The place is a hellhole, always has been, and needs to be torn apart, the pieces tossed into a deep dark hole, and the whole lot of it burned to ashes.

VERY happy to be in the new apartment, even though the walls and cupboards are oozing nicotine. Honestly, this is a non-smoking building, so why are smokers allowed to live here? Anybody smoking in this building needs to be evicted.

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